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Digital Ordering 

Multi-channel online ordering for your restaurant. Grow your digital sales with beautiful Android and iOS apps, responsive websites, in-store kiosks and chat bots. You chose what best suits your brand, Foodkit does the rest. 
With the complete flexibility of Foodkit, you can easily add powerful loyalty programs, digital payments and logistics integrations. 



Chose from a suite of ready-made products or build your own front-end  

We        Developers 

Build apps the way you like with Foodkit's complete API framework. Build faster, maintain easier & save up to 80% on development time and cost.

Ready Made Products 

A suite of integrated products out-of-the-box, including beautiful iOS and Android apps, in-store kiosks, chat bots and responsive ecommerce websites.

Your Experience - The world's most flexible technology platform for F&B, with all of the powerful integrations and controls you need, all managed through an easy to use intuitive interface. ​

Your Customers Experience - Your Foodkit provided ecommerce apps, website, chat bot or in-store kiosks all designed and branded your way, provide a UX that's been carefully crafted and optimised over many years of in-market iteration. Plus, your customers gain access to the industry benchmark in reliability and range of integrated services.  

Your Developers Experience - Give your developers all the tools needed to build the restaurant technology you want, no compromise, at less cost. 

At Foodkit we are obsessed about experiences   


Beautiful digital products, built for Restaurant eCommerce  

Your customers expect digital services that are convenient, multi-channel and delight them with every interaction.  


iOS and Android eCommerce Apps

iOS and Android ecommerce apps with all the powerful features and services offered by the Foodkit platform. Beautiful design, customisable features.

eCommerce website 

Web ordering made easy with Foodkit's responsive eCommerce websites. Offer delivery or take-out, real time or pre-order. So much opportunity, so easy to get started. 

In-store Kiosk 

Kiosk and eMenu systems for in-store ordering. Reduce staffing costs and improve customer experience with Foodkit's out of the box kiosk technology.

Chat bot

Chat bot ordering has hit the mainstream. Offer customers a new channel to buy, interact and engage with your brand. Allow your customers to use the channel they prefer. 


Custom development solution

If your brand requires a unique design or specific product configuration, Foodkit's award winning team of product designers, engineers and project managers  can bring your ideas to reality. All backed by Foodkit's F&B industry know-how and superior customer service.  

Ginja is a custom developed marketplace solution.

Ready to get started?   

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