Ordering API for restaurants

Foodkit is a powerful, extensible and scalable platform for developers.

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Scalable, flexible and extensible APIs

Foodkit API is designed specifically for the heavy demands of F&B industry. Foodkit handles the operational complexities associated with order management, logistics, payments and multi-channel ordering so you can focus on building an exceptional user experience.

Foodkit’s RESTful API lets you build in the language and framework of your choice with complete flexibility over what you build, and how you build it.   

Foodkit allows you to build and deploy e-commerce projects quickly, while reducing and optimising your operating costs. That's why the world's best restaurant brands choose Foodkit.

Digital ordering - A complete digital ordering platform for restaurant brands. All the tools you need to build a leading online restaurant. 

Dispatch and Delivery - Automate and optimise your food delivery operations from customer order-to-delivery from a consolidated user interface.

Marketing  - Powerful promotions engine, coupons, SMS messaging and cart upsells all included out-of-the-box with Foodkit. .

Loyalty and Rewards - Build an industry-leading loyalty and rewards program that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Payments - Accept credit card payments through one of our gateway partners or integrate with a gateway of your choice.

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Trusted and loved by the best in the business. 

Develop fast... 

Really fast.

We looked at many options but ultimately decided on Foodkit, as it offered us the value, flexibility and speed to market we needed.

Montree Leethavekulsomboon

Director of IT at S&P Group

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The freedom to build what you want, how you want.

Restaurant marketplace or aggregator

Build a full-featured restaurant marketplace like the big names in the industry. Find out more

The Foodkit API has been designed and developed to give your team the freedom to develop, deploy and iterate projects your way, using the programming language you prefer. With the flexibility of Foodkit, your development options are limitless:

Ecommerce apps & responsive websites

Leverage the Foodkit platform for content management and complex back-of-house operations, so you can focus on building a branded consumer-facing experience 

Complete API flexibilit

Cloud kitchen / Ghost kitchen infrastructure

Develop an ecosystem of technology for your cloud kitchen for a fraction of the time and cost. Find out more 

Instore kiosks, e-menu's and at-table ordering

Reduce labour costs and human error with an end to end DIY ordering system, integrated into your POS. 

+Many more 

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Built by developers,

loved by developers.


Technology that your business can depend on 

Full-featured API Suite

Foodkit’s comprehensive suite of APIs enables digital ordering, marketing and deliveries across single or multiple location restaurants.

Built to scale

Whether you’re building a restaurant marketplace or a multi-national chain, Foodkit has the scalability and bandwidth to manage any rush.

Made for innovation

Foodkit is continually innovating and adding new features and platform updates, so you always have access to the latest technologies.

Platform independent 

Our platform independent RESTful JSON API allows you to execute using the programming language and technology stack of your choice.

Fast global delivery

Our worldwide CDN and redundant architecture means your assets and API requests are serviced quickly and reliably, everytime.

Plug and Play API

Foodkit is designed and built from ground-up to integrate into your existing systems, processes and workflows.

Industry leading features 

Menu items 



Customer CRM


Delivery automation

Delivery zones 

Stores (multi)

Analytics & Reports



Shopping carts 


App & Website


Checkout flows

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