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Enterprise Customer Service and CRM

An integrated Customer Service platform with baked in CRM 


Manage multi-channel orders through a single, intuitive interface

Foodkit Customer Service Platform contains all the mission-critical features a modern, technically superior call centre needs to run an efficient digital restaurant business.


Order details and customer information (CRM) is displayed in a single unified interface, so your team can easily operate multiple-channels at maximum efficiency. All without the need for complex training.


Omni-channel customer service made easy. 

Your Customer Service team can now manage multiple sales channels including online and telephone enquiries in real-time.  No more double keying between software systems, meaning less human error and more customer satisfaction.    

Easily edit and update orders with a few taps 

Update a delivery address in real-time

Manage delivery drivers - from pickup to delivery 

Access customer details and purchase history

Accept telephone orders 


Omni-channel CRM  

Know and service your customers with in-depth insight using Foodkit's 360 degree CRM. Deeply understand your customer history and preferences by easily knowing where, when and what they buy... Do they buy online with an app or through the website? Or, do they prefer phone orders or the in-store experience. 

Foodkit'S CRM provides all this valuable customer data and more, so you can take full control of your marketing plus offer a complete 360 degree customer service experience that delights. 


Edit restaurant delivery zones in a snap

Run your take-out and delivery operations end to end. With Foodkit's powerful polygon mapping (store geo-fencing) you can easily turn zones on and off, or assign all orders from one zone to another. Foodkit's flexible platform allows you to run your restaurant brand, the way you really want to.   

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